Two Great Dogs and a Bear with a Chest for a Client from the USA
We present three unique creations that formed one artistic project custom-made for a client from the United States.

Our commitment involved crafting two impressive dog sculptures and one bear sculpture holding a chest, all designed and executed with the utmost care and attention to detail.



PWS laminate, wood, fabric


garden decoration/event


Resistance to all weather conditions and mechanical factors related to its intended use




The project began with the development of sculpture concepts that were to reflect the character and uniqueness noticed by our client during his visit to Europe. The inspiration was a bear statue, which the client saw and captured in a photo, and then sent to us as a template. Next, we moved to the design process, using 3D printing technology to precisely render the forms of the sculptures.

Execution and Materials:

Each sculpture was made from high-quality materials, ensuring their durability and resistance to external conditions. The dogs, designed with great attention to every detail, feature a vivid and dynamic stance, further emphasized by the intense black and red lacquer. The bear holding a chest is both charming and practical, perfectly meeting the needs and expectations of the client. The chests were custom-made by a carpenter, while the straps were crafted by a saddler, adding a unique character to the projects.

Transport and Delivery:

Upon completion of production, we organized the safe transport of the three sculptures to Florida. Each figure was carefully secured and placed in specially designed packaging to ensure they arrived in pristine condition at the destination.


This project was an opportunity for us to demonstrate our skills not only as craftsmen but also as artists who can transform a client’s vision into reality. Each of these three sculptures is a testament to our ability to create large-scale, personalized works of art that impress with their execution and uniqueness. We are proud to have delivered our works over such a distance, fulfilling our client’s dreams.