A Heart Full of Eyes for the Event Agency 5 AM

We present our realization for the event agency 5 AM – a heart-shaped sculpture called See With Heart. It is a piece that has taken its place in the spaces of the Westfield Arkadia shopping center in Warsaw, providing unique aesthetic impressions and interactive experiences for its guests.

patrz sercem main


PWS laminate




The sculpture is resistant to all weather conditions and mechanical factors associated with its intended use.


Height: 167 cm x Width: 190 cm x Depth: 90 cm, Base: 120 cm x 100 cm

Project Goal:

The goal of the “See With Heart” project was to create a space that encourages perceiving the world with greater empathy and openness. The heart, as a universal symbol of love, was reinterpreted here to convey the idea of seeing with the heart – beyond superficial and material aspects of life.

Technical Description:

The piece features a heart in vivid red hues, on which eyes of various sizes and colors are placed, symbolizing diverse perspectives and the way each of us perceives the world. The sculpture, made from durable materials, was designed with public interaction in mind, allowing visitors to have a closer and more personal experience of the project. Learn more about the figure – DECORATIVE FIGURE HEART