Tree with Hanging Lamps for the Mother and Child Health Institute Center
In response to the needs of the Mother and Child Health Institute Center as part of the “Health in Mind” initiative, our studio designed and created an artistic installation in the form of a tree with integrated hanging lamps. This project aimed not only to enhance the aesthetic of the interior but also to create a thoughtful, therapeutic atmosphere through the gentle, diffused light of the lamps that delicately hang from the branches.
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laminat PWS, electronics, lamps


artistic installation


Resistance to all weather conditions and mechanical factors related to its purpose



Implementation Process:

The project began with preliminary concepts, moved through detailed 3D modeling, and culminated in final production and installation. Our team, specializing in design projects, performed the installation on-site, ensuring that each lamp was securely mounted and safe for space users.

Design and Functionality:

In creating this installation, we focused on the harmony between form and function. The tree, made from durable materials in natural shades of white, with hanging lamps, provides not only visual beauty but also serves the function of alleviating tension and stress through soft, serene light, creating a sense of calm and security.


The tree quickly became the focal point of the renovated department, receiving positive reviews from both patients and staff. This project was also featured in a popular television program, highlighting its significance in creating a healthy and pleasant atmosphere in medical facilities.