Advertising figures for gastronomy

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Outdoor and Indoor Advertising Figures for the Gastronomy Industry

Our outdoor advertising figures are an ideal way to attract customers’ attention to your gastronomy business. We offer a wide selection of figurines that can be excellent promotional tools for ice cream parlors, cafes, bars, waffle and sandwich stalls.

Our Offer of Outdoor Advertising Figures Includes:

  • Ice Cream Figures: Large, colorful ice creams in cups or cones will attract the attention of passersby, enticing them to visit your ice cream parlor.
  • Café Coffee Mug: A giant coffee or latte mug is a perfect proposition for a cafe, attracting coffee lovers.
  • Beverage Figures: A large bottle or can of beverage can attract customers looking to cool off on a hot day.
  • Waffle-Shaped Figure: A large waffle figure with toppings and fruits will be an ideal way to promote a waffle stall at festivals and outdoor events.
  • Advertising Sandwich: A large, colorful sandwich with visible ingredients will be an effective tool for attracting the attention of people looking for a quick and tasty meal.

Why Our Figures Are Perfect for the Gastronomy Industry:

  1. Visual Appeal: Large, colorful figures are highly visible and attract the attention of passersby.
  2. Clear Communication: Figures clearly communicate the type of gastronomic services offered by your establishment.
  3. Brand Recognition: Unique figures can help build brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Order Today and Stand Out in the Market! Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor advertising figures for the gastronomy industry and order your own. Stand out your establishment and attract new customers with our unique and creative advertising solutions.