Company Profile

We produce High-Quality Ambient Marketing

Company Profile

Since 1993, we have been focusing on the production of Ambient Marketing, high-quality advertising objects and figures, custom 3D advertising media made of PWS glass laminate, decorative and utility products, as well as various advertising structures, enabling effective promotion of any products and/or services. Work is our passion, and we put not only a lot of effort into it but also a part of ourselves. We are a cohesive team, and only mutual respect and a pleasant working atmosphere allow us to calmly create beautiful and precisely crafted figures.

Why us?

We break boundaries in Ambient Marketing production, using innovative and unconventional methods to blend our advertising figures into everyday surroundings, capturing attention in a subtle yet powerful way.


Ambient media is, of course, non-standard marketing implementations in the field of ATL and BTL. This is highly contextual advertising, where we pay special attention to layout and context.


Ambient projects are carried out on special client orders, for a specific product, brand, service, and a specific target group. The action involves not only attracting with advertising creativity but also in the form, shape, and color in which it is expressed.


In the creation of 3D ambient advertisements in the form of figures/objects/advertising structures, we use high-quality polyester laminates and mineral-resin casts that allow us to achieve the highest resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions.

Job Offers

The job is looking for an executor. Attractive earnings, active participation in the company’s development, and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the team. Maybe we need you?


We are looking for a painter, preferably with experience in the automotive industry, for painting advertising and decorative products.

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How to order?

Simply provide us with information about the desired solution, and we will create its design, estimate the cost, determine the delivery time, and establish delivery costs.