Advertising Scoop Ice Cream Holder

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Advertising scoop ice cream holder.

Synthetic Resin.

H-140cm, Ø-50cm

Advertise / Coffee Shop Advertisement / Ice Cream Shop Advertisement.

Instant Charm and Functionality with Exclusive Ice Cream Cone Holder Stand

Discover the Amazing Ice Cream Cone Holder Stand that combines unique aesthetics and practicality, perfect for use as a promotional element in any ice cream parlor, cafe, or seaside sales point. This unique 3D object is made of high-quality mineral-resin casting, ensuring its durability and attractive appearance for years to come.

Designed with attention to detail, this 3D sculpture depicting ice cream cones with three scoops not only catches the eye but also inspires purchases. With a height of 40 cm, it is well visible yet does not take up too much space. Ideal for placing on the counter or as a central decorative piece.

The stand not only serves an aesthetic function but also a practical one, serving as a charming way to display and store cones. Thanks to its unique design, the 3D figure will also spark conversations among customers, effectively increasing interest in the offerings of your ice cream parlor or cafe.

Let every customer feel like they are on a seaside vacation, surrounded by the taste and joy that summer brings. This promotional display is the perfect solution for places where atmosphere and style are just as important as the quality of the products served.

We encourage you to contact our company to learn more about customizing the stand to fit the individual needs of your business. Instantly add a touch of magic to your space with our exclusive 3D sculpture, which is not only practical but also incredibly attractive addition.

Don’t wait, enhance the unique character of your sales point today! Contact us and allow yourself an amazing transformation that will attract more customers, providing them with unforgettable experiences from the first glance.

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