Floor Mounted Large Advertising Ice Cream

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Floor Mounted Large Advertising Ice Cream.

Grp Fiberglass.
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h-230cm, Ø-46cm

Weatherproof outdoor item for urban space advertising / ice cream shop / coffee shop / advertising at the seaside.

Instant Visual Impact with Large Advertising Ice Cream Cone

Here is the Large Advertising Ice Cream Cone, which is the perfect solution for any ice cream parlor, cafe, or other service point looking to stand out in urban spaces or seaside landscapes. Made of PWS fiberglass laminate, it guarantees not only durability and resistance to external factors but also exceptional visual appeal.

With impressive dimensions of 230 cm in height and 46 cm in diameter, this advertising ice cream cone attracts attention with its unique shape and intense red color. Realistic details, such as the cone texture and the creamy top appearance, make it not only an advertising object but a true work of art.

The stable base ensures safe use, allowing for easy relocation between locations depending on marketing needs. Perfect for outdoor placement, thanks to its resistance to weather conditions, the Large Advertising Ice Cream Cone can be displayed all year round without fear of damage or fading.

Use this huge ice cream as a customer magnet in the summer or as a permanent decorative element that enhances the visibility of your place throughout the year. It is an excellent way to liven up the space and attract more visitors, making your offer more visible and attractive.

Contact us today to learn more about customizing this product and other possibilities it offers. Don’t miss the opportunity to enrich your business space with a spectacular, high-quality figure that not only decorates but also effectively catches the eye.

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