Small Resin Handmade Duck Pop-Art Figure

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Small resin handmade duck pop-art figure.
Artistic Pop Art Evolves Naturally and May Differ Slightly From The One Presented in the Photos.
Let us know about the graphic elements that are important to you.

Polyster Resin

h-60cm. L-60cm

Artistic Applications / Interior Design / Home and Garden / Gallery / Shop

Header: 3D Figure – Small decorative pop-art duck

Product description:
Our small pop-art decorative duck figure is the perfect addition to your interior or garden. Made of high-quality polyester resin, this artistic sculpture is a true work of art. Every detail has been carefully crafted and painted by our experienced artists, making this figure unique and exceptional.

Customization options for color and size:
We are able to customize the color and size of the duck figure to your individual needs. Contact us to discuss the details and create a product perfectly tailored to your expectations.

Our 3D figure can be used as a decoration for interiors and gardens, in shops, galleries, or artistic applications. Its unique design attracts attention and adds character to any space it is placed in.

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If you are looking for an original decoration that will set your business or interior apart, contact us today. We are ready to create a unique 3D figure for you that will meet all your expectations.

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3D Figure – Small decorative pop-art duck

Material: Polyester resin.
Size: H-60cm, L-60cm
Intended use: Decoration for interiors and gardens / shop / gallery / artistic applications.

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